Winter Georgia?

Friday, January 31, 2014

So by now I'm sure you've heard about the Snow-pocalypse that occurred over the past few days. I continuously doubted that I would see snow since Georgia generally has one season: HOT.

For most people this type of weather wouldn't be a big deal, but for this little Georgia peach it was a huge deal!  It hasn't snowed in my home-town since Michael and I have been together so it was a good reason to miss work, and it was a fun new 'first' that Michael and I got to experience! Trust me, it's rare to have a new first this late in a relationship, and we both had been waiting for it to snow in Augusta. 

The first night it snowed I was definitely unprepared! Being my normal skeptical self I wasn't prepared to spend long periods of time outside. As usual, I was wearing a floral dress, light cardigan and heels.  The next day I was determined to be fully prepared for this "blizzard" as us Southerners considered it.

On Wednesday I made sure to dress a lot more seasonally appropriate, because I knew I had a long day ahead of me!  I started the day walking with Michael to my favourite coffee shop.  Luckily, for me it is only about a mile from my house and we were their first customers of the day....I wonder why. One of my favourite things about the snow was walking in the snow.  It was such a fun new experience for me, and I'm sure if it snowed more often I'd hate it, but it was such a novel experience. Not to mention the snow made the scenery so beautiful!

On Wednesday, my snow outfit consisted of layers on layers on layers. I definitely learned that you can never wear too many layers when you plan on being outside. I was able to wear my Ravenclaw scarf, which was exciting considering it hardly gets cold enough to wear. Michael wore his Slytherin scarf to show people our inter-house love. For the rest of my ensemble I went with tights and leggings under my dress, because I still had to continue my "no-pants" tradition. The peacoat and boots also helped to keep me warm. The one thing I was lacking? Gloves.  They never tell you that building snow-men is a dangerous sport especially for my poor little fingers!

Overall, I loved my snow days! They were a great time to catch up with good friends over hot coco and have a rare snow-y adventure.

Are you used to this type of weather or was it a treat for you too? What did you do on your snow day? 

Tightlacing 101, Part III:
Seasoning a New Corset with Modern June Cleaver

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As I did the last two times, I would like to preface this ENTIRE post by saying these are my thoughts + opinions + experiences with the tightlacing/corseting process. I am not a medical doctor. I am not advising you to begin tightlacing and I am not telling you that this process can’t hurt you, when done incorrectly, it absolutely can. Tightlacing is a lifestyle, not a hobby and it’s not something you do casually, it is a form of body modification. That being said…

So, you learned a little bit about tightlacing here and we picked your first corset here. I've spoken with a few ladies and they've either ordered or received their first corset. Now that you've got it (or are getting it) we need to get you + your body comfortable with your new corset. Starting with something simple, always wear a corset liner. There are items actually marketed as "corset liners", but I wouldn't recommend buying one. Just throw a tank top/cami on underneath your corset so you don't sweat in/on it and so your body's oils can't damage it. The only way to really clean a corset is to dry clean or hand wash it (which can cause the boning to rust) and then you're out of a corset until they finish at the cleaners or it dries. Also, I try to stick with lighter colored tanks, as my corset is cream and I've had black dye stain another of my corsets.

Step Two: The process of breaking in a new corset is called seasoning. The first time you lace your corset, it’s important you DON’T lace too tightly. Lace your corset so that it's snug, but not cutting off your flow of oxygen. I've talked to a few ladies who are basically cutting off their circulation... ouch! That's definitely not good; it's painful, can be harmful to your body and will give you really bad headaches. Also, trying to force a corset to look a certain way too quickly can damage the seams and boning.  I think a lot of people expect the fitted look immediately and that's not how the process works, this process is an exercise in patience.  After lacing in, tie the laces in the back and tuck the bunny ears into the lacing or into the corset if they annoy you.  I know it's tempting to bring them forward and tie in front, but that can also damage your corset.  I do this for photos occasionally, but don't wear my corset that way.
  • The First Few Days: Lace-in and wear your corset for 30-45 minutes, after that, you can consider tightening it a bit. You should only wear your corset for 1 1/2 to 2 hours during this period.  Repeat this process over the next several (3 - 4) days.
  • What Do I Do During These 2 Hours? However active you'd like your lifestyle to be when you’re fully corseted, it’s a good idea to start practicing those activities while you’re seasoning your corset, especially if this is your first corset. It'll help you get used to performing actions corseted, things are definitely a little different.  For example, try bending over haha.
  • The First 10 - 14 Days: If you are planning on waist training or tightlacing, gradually increase your time in your corset over the first 10-14 days, don't jump in head first and start wearing your new corset for 6-8 hours every day. If you're patient, your corset will mold to your shape through the heat and pressure of your body, and it will be produce better results.  Rushing can result in warping, ripping and corset gaps and no one wants those. 
  • After 14 Days: You should be fully seasoned!  After this point, the amount of time you wear your corset is entirely up to you, whether you decide you're a casual corseteer or an every day tightlacer!   

Some additional advice: I had a really hard time with this concept when I started -  it's important to remember that you ordered your corset 4 -6 inches SMALLER than your natural waist, it's not going to close.  This really bothered me in the beginning and every day after the seasoning process ended, I was checking to see how much closer the eyelets in the back were and how much of the laces were remaining after I laced myself in. Don't do this to yourself. This process is very "in your head." I really had to train my brain because your only "competition" is yourself, no one knows how much progress you've made but you and every little bit is a huge success, you're altering your body!

 Please let me know if you have any questions about anything related to tightlacing! I'm considering doing a Q and A video so if you have questions, even if you'd already asked them and need a visual, ask away!  Even if you cannot, for the life of you, figure out an easy way to get yourself laced-in (I've been there) let me know! I would love feedback so I know if I should incorporate anything additional into my next post.  I want to make these as helpful and informative as possible.

Do you have any other questions about tightlacing? Already started the process or purchased your first corset, how's it going?

Traveling Junebugs: From Coast to Coast

Monday, January 27, 2014

This edition of Traveling Junebugs sadly doesn't feature both Junebugs!

As many of you know I won Modcloth's Snapshot-To-Studio contest, and last week I flew out to Los Angeles to have a photoshoot!
Many of you have asked me about this fun time on my Instagram so I thought I'd share a little about my trip!

I flew from my hometown in Augusta last Tuesday and 7 hours later landed in sunny California.  After settling into my hotel I went to sleep, because I had to be up at 3:30 a.m. the next day. SO EARLY.  This day I didn't have a shoot, but instead I got to see what all went into making a photoshoot successful, and let me say, there is a lot that goes into the final product! It was nice seeing everything, and it made me a little less anxious about my shoot!

That night I went to dinner with two lovely ladies who work at Modcloth, Helena and Kelly.  I had followed both of the gals on Instagram for a while, and it was incredible to get to see them face to face!
Thursday was my big day!  It luckily started a little later around 8 a.m!  First thing that I did was get my hair and make-up done. My make-up and hair for the first half were very vintage inspired!  Beautiful waves and red lips! If only I could make myself look like this every morning!  Next, I sorted through beautiful clothes racks to find pieces that exemplified my style!  This was so fun for me, because it was like shopping through someone else's amazing closet!

After getting my hair and make-up done I began my shoot!  Everyone was extremely sweet and reassuring, and it made me feel so lucky and comfortable.

The biggest surprise of the trip was when I got to meet a very familiar face!  I met Susan Koger the Co-Founder of Modcloth, and someone who has always been an inspiration to me!  I can honestly say I held back tears, and my excitement as to not scare her!

Behind the scenes of my first outfit! 
The shoot seemed to fly by! Although, I definitely don't consider myself a model being pampered and having all eyes on me definitely made me feel like a model!

I don't want to spoil any of the final material that Modcloth decides to use, but I wanted to share some behind the scenes pictures with you! In total, I modeled 5 different looks so this just gives you a sneak peak into two of those looks, both of which are available on Modcloth's website!

For more pictures and information make sure to check out my Instagram, and keep an eye out for me on Modcloth's page!

I can honestly say this was a dream come true for me!
What would your dream trip be? 

Outfits worn in this post can be seen below:

Closet Essentials:
Petti-post, A Guide to Picking the Perfect Petticoat

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Excuse the mirror selfie, but Amelia and I have been getting lots of questions on Instagram for a while now about if we wear a petticoat/what kind of petticoat we wear.   Well let me tell you, yes we wear petticoats and to me they're like hair: the BIGGER the better (it's one of those Steel Magnolia, the bigger the hair, the closer to God, southern things).  That being said, I thought I'd write reviews about all of the petticoats I own and tell a little bit about them.  I'm including photos of me wearing them with a circle skirt to give an idea about length, fullness, etc. Note, I'm a little lady (5 feet tall little) so I'm going to try to give pretty specific detail about length.

American Apparel Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat: This was my first petticoat. I love that there's a pretty large selection of colors to choose from, but if you're trying to add fullness to a tea-length circle skirt or dress, this probably isn't the petticoat for you. It looks great when you're standing still, but then you realize when you walk, the top half of your skirt is full and the bottom is totally flat... awkward. Again, I'm 5 feet tall, so for me to say it's too short... it's short. To the right is a photo of me wearing it to show length, it's above my knees.  On the brightside, it's not itchy, which is saying something for a petticoat.

 American Apparel Petticoat Slip Skirt: Because I liked the fabric of the shorter American Apparel petticoat so much, I thought I'd try the longer one. I'm also a sucker for ballet pink; not only is it cute, but it doesn't show through when worn under lighter colored items.  Sadly, while this one was long enough, it provided almost no fullness to my dresses and skirts which was a total bummer.  I think including the word petticoat and the word slip in the name of the same item, is an oxymoron.  It's definitely more of a slip and. I wouldn't recommend it as a petticoat.

In a desperate attempt to insure that I didn't waste money on two petticoats I wasn't happy with, I layered the short one under the long one.. to the left no petticoat, to the right the two layered.

The long petticoat actually hid the awkward lines of the short one and provided additional fullness once pushed out by the shorter petticoat! This is still my go-to way to petticoat an A-line dress or circle skirt: it's light colored, not itchy and provides a perfect and flattering amount of fullness. The only downside, is in the summer it's a bit hot.

Pinup Girl Clothing White Canvas Underskirt: I like to try new things so when I saw that this underskirt was $36 and had promising "before and after" photos under an A-line dress on PUG's website, I figured, why not? I will admit, I was a bit letdown.  I ordered a S/M (it only comes in two sizes) and it was almost too small (I have a 26 in waist which 99.9% of the time, is a medium.) Basically, I was constantly paranoid that I looked like I had muffin top because of the elastic waistband + weird sizing combo. Also, it oddly provided almost no fullness to my skirts + dresses, and when I could get it to give some fullness, I was constantly having to fiddle with it and puff it back up, because it got smooshed under the weight of my skirts and dresses. This is weird because a lot of my clothing is made by PUG and their stuff is a pretty thick/dense fabric.  Maybe I would've been happier if I'd sized up? But I don't want to spend the money on another to find out.

Hell Bunny Va Va Voluminous Petticoat (short): My first experience with Hell Bunny petticoats was trying on Amelia's 24 inch one (it's referred to now as the "long" Hell Bunny petticoat), we literally laughed at how ridiculously long it was: IT HIT MY ANKLES.  It was also really long on Amelia and she's 5'7", needless to say, she returned it. We saw Modcloth post the shorter version which was 20.5 inches and I wouldn't have purchased it if I hadn't had a store credit, but we were curious, so I did.  Well, I'm so glad I bought it.  While it's still longer than most petticoats, it's not so long that it's hanging below my hemlines (this is a preference thing, I know some ladies want their petticoats to show, but I consider it an "undergarment").  It also provides a dramatic amount of fullness even to my circle skirts made of a thicker/heavier material, like the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny SkirtIf I had to recommend any petticoat in this post where you'd get the most for your money and love the result, this would be my recommendation (white isn't the only color option). I will say, it's a bit itchy and sometimes hard to sit on, but you're also not having to layer multiple items like the American Apparel ones I recommended above, so it's cooler in the summer.  I also think it provides a slightly better shape. Remember, the 20.5 inch one not the 24 inch one.

Do you ladies wear a petticoat?  Do you love one I haven't mentioned?
(Below are some of the items worn in this post)

Wedding Bells:
Amelia and Michael's Very Potter Proposal

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"You are protected, in short, by your ability to love"

I don't know if people truly realize how much I love Harry Potter, but I'd just like to preface this by saying that Harry Potter has defined me as a person for 14 years now. I have Harry Potter tattoos, a wand collection and season passes to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

So, I'll go ahead and admit that I am an extremely gullible lady. Michael and I had planned a trip to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando or at least that is what I thought!  

So, our day started pretty normal.  We went to the theme park and rode the main Harry Potter ride, the Forbidden Journey.  After that Michael suggested we go to Ollivanders.  Now, I didn't want to go to Ollivanders, because I've gone a few times and I NEVER GET PICKED.  So I hesitated and decided that sure we could do it.  I'm so glad that I didn't go with the idea, and ruin Michael's plan. 

As usual, I don't get picked for the "experience" of the wand choosing me, but afterwards Michael suggested that I take a picture with Ollivander. This is when he got down on one knee, and anxiously asked me to marry him and put the most beautiful pearl ring on my finger!  I have been telling Michael since we started dating that if he didn't propose to me with a pearl ring I'd say "no". So I was extremely happy that he had picked out perfect ring...just a few sizes to big at first.

What I thought would just be a fun time riding roller-coasters, and drinking butterbeer turned into the most eventful vacation that I've ever had. I still can't believe that I'm lucky enough to be marrying my best friend...besides June. ha 

So, on October 20, 2012 I had a "Very Potter Proposal" in Hogsmeade, and I couldn't picture anything better!  For two Harry Potter nerds this was the ultimate proposal, and for me it was a complete dream come true!  Michael and I love Harry Potter so much that we are having a Harry Potter Wedding coming soon! 

Here is a video of Michael proposing...I muted the sound, because I sounded like a crazed hyena crying non-stop, but for a room with no lighting I think it's pretty decent, and to hear me talk about my proposal click here.
What would your dream proposal be? 

Wedding Bells:
Collin + June's Proposal, For the Girl Who Waited

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


So, my spider senses had been tingling around the time of my proposal. Collin used to book shows/tour in a band and hadn't done either in a long time but out of no where, he decided to book a show.  He said it was his "Goodbye Show" because he moved to Nashville but neither of us had lived in Augusta, our hometown, in years so it seemed a little weird... Michael (Amelia's fiancee) knew, but Amelia and I had no idea: me because I was the proposee and Amelia because she is a terrible secret keeper (as am I).  Here is a little bit about that day.  Collin + I were in town for the show, so of course the majority of our time was spent with our favorite people: Amelia + Michael.  We started out the day with coffee and planning for our future trip  to Universal Studios (which later actually happened and can be seen here.)

We wandered around grabbed coffee, made our way to a favorite restaurant  and here is the really ironic part: the pearl had fallen out of Amelia's engagement ring, so we ended up in a jewelry shop to get it repaired (Collin already had my ring) so we're walking around looking at engagement rings and then we bought ourselves these beautiful ring pops, which we modeled, unknowinglyThis is some Alanis Morrisette type irony.

We went record shopping after this, but for the length of the post lets fast forward to the good part! Collin plays an entire set (a lot of the songs about me, our break up 7 years ago, etc. but the songs tug at my heart strings and are incredibly sweet.) Then he ends the set with our song: Spitalfield - I Love the Way She Says L.A.  Towards the middle of the song, the room full of friends+family started shifting and by the end of the song, I realized there was a little circle with only Collin and I inside. I wish I could say I knew what was going on at this point, but I honestly didn't... I just thought he was being sweet.  He got to "our part" in the song which is a line that says "and now you've got me thinking, and I really think it's true, the sun shines sometimes just for you" (he wrote it to me in a note in college to ask me on our first date, such a hopeless romantic) and he  ended the song early, flipped over his guitar and in lime green duck tape on the back were the words "Manda, will you marry me?" (he'd done this to me at a show years ago as a joke, more irony) and out of his pocket came a TARDIS shaped ring box and inside it said "For the girl who waited..." (it took us 7 years of missed romance mishaps to get back together, so it was appropriate. In addition, Hello Amy Pond reference) and had my beautiful 40s estate ring! I. D-I-E-D.

I couldn't be happier about the people that were there to share this with us, how lucky we are that room full of amazing people captured this for us in photos and on video and for my incredibly sweet and thoughtful fiancee who organized an entire show and thought up every detail; I couldn't have dreamed up something better.

Amelia and I were so excited to share these stories with y'all, we felt it appropriate since Amelia's wedding is coming up in March and mine in September. Amelia will be sharing her amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter proposal in our next post. Say hello to the start of  wedding spam! We promise we won't overdo it!

Tell us about your proposal! Did you see it coming?
Or, dream proposals, anyone? We'd love to hear!

Outfit Post: Is it Summer, yet?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Today, I'm sharing my very much Summer inspired outfit! I don't know about y'all, but this is one little lady who absolutely hates the cold weather. So even though I hate the cold weather it seems like I'm always dressed a little seasonally inappropriate (this phrase is one coined by Miss June xo).

Right before these pictures were taken I may or may not have locked Michael and I out of the 
house...oops.  So although, I wanted it to be Summer it was definitely not a good idea to spend that much time outside.

So here is my Summer inspired look for today:

Ignore that deceiving sun, because today was just as cold as ever! My outfit for today features a red and white polka dot top from Pacsun(at this point it's a few years old), a Hell Bunny white floral circle skirt, a vintage carpet bag that June bought me for my Birthday last year, and lastly some leopard print shoes from Target. 

My everyday accessories include my daisy hair clip, and also my pearl necklace.  I wear these two accessories almost every day, because I think they really bring everything together.  Not to mention, my daisy makes every day seem a little bit more like Summer.

My favourite details of today outfit are definitely my leopard shoes and carpet bag.  I chose leopard shoes, because they aren't expected.  Plus, who doesn't like leopard print? ;)

The carpet bag is definitely the nicest purse I own.  It's from Sweet Ludie's Vintage, which I blogged about here. It's no surprise that I love floral prints, and this one features a floral print, and it's fairly large for a vintage bag!

My outfit today exemplifies some of my favourite things about Summer including halter tops, floral patterns and a surprising lack of layers.

What is your favourite piece of clothing? 
What clothing items remind you of Summer?

Shop the post:

Things We Love #3

Friday, January 17, 2014

1. Mary Jane Kitten Heels: These little tan heels by Qupid are an amazing vintage-inspired staple shoe and they're so cheap!  I bought them in green last month to go with my Christmas dress, and now I'm addicted (I feel like I need them in every color!)  Bonus: they arrived really quickly!  I recommend these to anyone needing solid color, vintage-inspired shoes. Additional bonus: they're plain so they go with heavily patterned items quite well!

2. Birdie Dress in Mustard and Purple Floral: I seriously can't snatch this dress up fast enough when Pinup Girl Clothing restocks it. I find myself lurking the site constantly for it.  It's absolutely beautiful.  They also use this fabric in a halter style dress, but I'm not a big fan of halters.  So I'll be over here biding my time until this one restocks!

3. Tattooed Lady Leg Brooch: This amazing leg brooch by Yukitten'me sort of made me giggle, then I realized I loved it.  One of my favorite brooch makers, Luxulite, posted this last Novelty Brooch Friday on Instagram and I know I had to have it.  1) I'm addicted to brooches 2) It's just the right amount of kitsch.  Who doesn't love kitsch?!  Update: I have a problem and purchased this brooch before even posting this.  It's en route... it will be marvelous.

4. I Don't Care About Your Band: What I Learned from Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Felons, Faux-Sensitive Hipsters, and Other Guys I've Dated:  I think the title alone will make any girl with a history of dating alternative guys laugh internally (or externally depending on how bad your dating history has been... I laughed externally haha).  Several of the reviews I read actually referred to this book as the female's version of High Fidelity.  The author, Julie Klausner, has written for The New York Times and Saturday Night Live (umm, great combo!) I like to throw comical reads in between all the serious ones I gravitate towards, so this has been added to my "to read" list!

5. Made to Measure Bracelet:  I was lurking Modcloth's newly posted accessories when I came across this and died. I'm guilty of an attempt to make jewelry out of measuring tape before.... and it was a DIY-disaster. I think this bracelet is a little expensive (perhaps that's because I'm unrelentingly cheap when it comes to jewelry), but it's a measuring tape bracelet, so it's basically perfect!  I'm crossing my fingers and waiting on a sale!

6. Gold Glitter Josephine Purse: The only reason I haven't purchased this bag yet, is because Pinup Girl Clothing's shipping is a little pricey, so I like to order several things to take advantage of the free shipping (and they haven't had anything I want in stock). Amelia has been eying the multicolor glitter version of the bag and we think they're JUST big enough to fit a book, a makeup bag and a wallet... which is PERFECT! Finding a cute, big purse to fit our style has been pretty difficult, so I hope they don't run out of these while I'm waiting on them to restock some other things.

What are some of the things you love?
What's on your "wishlist?"

Vintage Adventures:
Mema Had One + Sweet Ludie's Vintage

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photo Cred: AugustaGaLiving
So frequently we're asked an array of questions relating to our personal fashion, and where we buy our clothes. I don't make my own clothing so I'm always looking for affordable, quality vintage pieces. Vintage fashion in small-town Georgia is not always that easy to come by, and that is why Mema Had One is one of our absolute favourite places.

Mema Had One sells all kinds of vintage items ranging from furniture, kitchen supplies, records and my favourite thing: clothes.  The vintage clothing at Mema Had One is sold by a seller named, Sweet Ludie's Vintage.  
Sweet Ludie's Vintage is run by a mother and daughter who have absolutely spoiled me when it comes to amazing vintage finds. One of my favourite things about Sweet Ludie's is that they have a wide variety of clothing from different decades in many sizes. So whether I am in the mood to shop for vintage lingerie, hats, shoes,dress or simply dress patterns I can usually find something at Sweet Ludie's Vintage. Sadly, on my last shopping trip I was so caught up by the fabulous shoes that I found, that I forgot to take too many pictures.

Since I started shopping at Sweet Ludie's Vintage, I've found some of the most beautiful vintage pieces, and here are some of my favorite past finds:

 The outfit on the left is a two piece set in the most beautiful shades of orange, red and peach. When I saw this outfit, I sat in the dressing room until I decided whether or not I could buy it. I didn't want to get out of it.
The green dress is a perfect spring dress including matching belt and lovely peter pan collar.

The pink dress on the left is what I call my "Glinda" dress, because I feel like a good witch. The waist was measured at 24" so it fits just right, and the attached crinoline just adds to the beauty of this dress.
My last vintage purchase was these beautiful vintage 1950s Thom Brown shoes. They are lace up oxfords, and they may or may not make me feel like I'm going to a sock-hop.

Overall, shopping for vintage clothing is about having fun and stumbling upon awesome finds. I do indulge on online shopping often since it's more readily available, and I don't have to leave my bed. My favourite thing about shopping at Mema Had One is that I can have the adventure of shopping for vintage, and I don't have to worry about the hefty price tag that comes with a lot of vintage stores.

Where is your favourite place to shop?  Are you an online shopper or would you rather go hunt for it? 

Traveling Junebugs:
Junebugs Take Wizarding World, the WWOHP Edition

Sunday, January 12, 2014

These Junebugs are back from our trip to Florida/Universal Studios, which will now be referred to as Wizarding World (because that's the important part, right?!?!) and as promised, we're writing a little post about our travels!  This post was written by both of us, but you'll see little bold, parenthetical notations where we went back and inserted personalized comments by each of us about the trip. ; )

A couple days before our trip to Florida, June and her fiancée Collin came home to Augusta, Georgia to spend some time with family and so we could exchange Christmas gifts.  Our little group (Amelia + Michael & June + Collin) had been hoarding knick knacks for months.  The gift exchange included brooches + records + a comissioned painting (Amelia had a Doctor Who painting commissioned for me and I almost cried/died, but I wouldn't have regenerated... so I didn't. xoxo June) + candy + lots of stuff (June bought me the most amazing presents including a Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure.  My nerd heart melted xo Amelia) because we overdid it and we're awful bloggers because we got too excited and forgot to take photos. HOWEVER, we did go on a sushi date afterward and we took some photos before that, it's quite obvious who was whose date.

 The next day we woke up S-O  E-A-R-L-Y at the urging of our fiancées, who enjoy watching us suffer (not really, but these Junebugs are not morning people) and started our 7 hour drive from the Peach State to the... Harry Potter State? (not what it's called?)  We also made an extra tourist-y stop at the Georgia/Florida line rest stop (aka the best rest area, because you can get free orange juice, duh. ha xo Amelia), where we were verbally accosted by a creepy dude shortly before capturing these very photos with the Florida sign.  We posted them on instagram and got very warm welcomes from many of you Floridians, thank you for those, we wish we could've seen some of you!

The rest of that day was spent in Downtown Disney, which was absolutely amazing.  We knew there was no way we could cram both parks into one visit, so this was an amazing way to experience a little bit of the Mouse (Not going to lie. The lack of Ariel merchandise made me sad. :( Amelia).  We watched Collin have kid-in-a-candy-store syndrome in the Vinylmation store, and then we wandered around and found a hot air balloon, and in lieu of taking a ride, we used it as a photo prop. WHICH WORKED JUST AS WELL BECAUSE WE'RE IN LOVE WITH THESE PHOTOS.

Our first day in the park was spent exploring WWOHP (it was my first time and I might've cried a little because I'm obsessed  xoxo June).  Of course we spent some time in Honeydukes, because what wizard wouldn't? (Honeydukes is always one of my main stops in Hogsmeeade. My sweet tooth lures me in xo Amelia) And Amelia bought June her very first Butterbeer. (I think I'm disgracing the true butterbeer connoisseurs by saying this, but I preferred the frozen over the iced. xoxo June).
The next day consisted entirely of Universal Studios, where we lucked into phenomenal weather and at some point our quest became eating a giant donut (clap clap clapclapclap xo Amelia) because Michael made it his goal of the day, which therefore meant it was also Collin's goal of the day.

We stopped by Mel's Drive-In as soon as we got to the park to explore and snap some photos, look at those dapper dudes (Collin was very un-stoked that he was the designated fanny pack caretaker.) 

Of course we rode everything once (my favorite rides overall were The Mummy and The Forbidden Journey xoxo June), the lines weren't anywhere near as bad as we were told they'd be.  We made a friend that put us in the express line twice in a row for Spiderman (as a Marvel nerd Spiderman is one of my favourite rides especially with all of Stan Lee's cameos xo Amelia) and another that showed us the secret playlist on Rip, Ride and Rocket who did the same thing and that was pretty amazing (who doesn't want to ride a crazy roller coaster twice in a row while secretly listening to Modest Mouse?!? xoxo June).  Also, we ran into Miss Monroe and she asked us to take photos with her, so maybe we should move to Florida and dress up and randomly wander around theme parks for tips.

Our last day in the park was spent making our rounds and visiting Wizarding World again so we could get a final Butterbeer and grab some last minute souvenirs.  Our last act of vacation-ing was stopping at a record store, Park Avenue, on our way out of Florida.

 These Junebugs (and fiancées) had an absolutely phenomenal trip and we can't wait for the next one together.  Remember Amelia winning that Snapshot to Studio Contest for Modcloth?!? Well, in a few weeks, she'll be taking off to California to takeover Modcloth, so look out for that as our next Traveling Junebugs post! How exciting!

Anyone planning any trips soon?  Did we forget to go anywhere? 
Any suggestions for our next trip? Let us know!

Tightlacing 101, Part II:
Choosing a Corset with Modern June Cleaver

Friday, January 10, 2014

As I did last time, and because I'm a paranoid little law school student, I would like to preface this ENTIRE post by saying these are my thoughts + opinions + experiences with the tightlacing/corseting process. I am not a medical doctor. I am not advising you to begin tightlacing and I am not telling you that this process can’t hurt you, when done incorrectly, it absolutely can. Tightlacing is a lifestyle, not a hobby and it’s not something you do casually, it is a form of body modification. That being said…

So, this is my second post about tightlacing (the first, providing some general advice can be found here).  Now that you ladies know a little bit about the need to extend your morning routine, alter your diet and you've have had a tiny peek into daily wear, I think it's a good time to learn a little bit about choosing your first corset! The kind of corset you want is a personal preference. I prefer underbust corsets because I'd rather wear a bra, as I’m well-endowed and don't particularly want my boobs in my face any more than they are already are (seriously, haha). But overbust corsets are great too, again, totally a preference thing.  Also, you'll notice all my corsets are cream, I buy light colored corsets so when I wear light colored clothing, they don't show through.  Here are the corsets I own:

There is this little saying "Friends don't let friends buy Corset Story." The first corset I purchased was from Corsets Queen (aka Corset Story) and it's really cheap by corset standards both cost and quality wise, mine is literally falling apart. Helpful tip: tying your corset in the front puts unnecessary strain on it, if you do this, you'll be replacing them far more regularly. This corset is a total nightmare. When corset shopping, look out for something Lucy at Lucy's Corsetry (this woman is a tightlacing encyclopedia) calls the "floating corset."  You're buying something that's altering your body, why is there no model?  If you really want to start tightlacing and you don't have much money, W-A-I-T, I would highly advise against buying a cheap corset. Save your money until you can afford something better, you'll be a happier lady.

My second corset is from Meschantes Corsetry.  This company tends to get hit or miss ratings as far as customer service is concerned in the corset forums, but I decided to give them a shot, as I feel their corsets are very unique. My corset took approximately one month to receive.  Other than that, I really love the corset's qualities and I'm really happy with this corset; it's the one I wear most often.  It’s made of a soft cotton twill and I opted not to have the front busk (the little enclosures that are usually on the front of a corset) to reduce lines under clothing, a few of you have commented on my instagram asking if it's seamless and this is what it looks like. It’s annoying to slip on and off over your head but well worth it once you get it on (funny story: the first time I went to take it off, I was convinced I was stuck and almost had a panic attack. Oops.)

My third corset is the Morticia Corset by What Katie Did (again, mine is cream but most of their stock photos are black). This isn't just a corset, it’s like a work of art.  I almost cried taking it out of the box, the fabric is phenomenal, the quality is better than any corset I've ever seen and the fit is amazing, even if you order an off the rack, as opposed to custom, corset.  If you have a healthy amount of money to spend, I would recommend a corset from What Katie Did.  In addition, this corset is definitely the most drastic in terms of waist reduction and the most impressive in terms of quality that I've ever owned.  I haven't really begun seasoning this corset yet, but I can already tell it's going to be my favorite.

I wanted to give an "honorable mention" to the brand Orchard Corset.  I really wish this brand is where I'd started my tightlacing experience as opposed to suffering through the Corset Story corset.  For those of you on a budget, this company is a great place to start.  They have a huge variety of silhouettes and fabrics and I've heard amazing things about their quality, pricing and customer service.  I took the leap after my first two corsets and went with What Katie Did, because I'd been tightlacing for over a year and knew I was committed to the expense.  However, I'll still probably go back and buy one of these, just to experience the company and the fit of their corsets.
Below are photos of my in three (3) different corsets.  You'll notice the shape each gives my body is different, this is because one is made to be more of an "hourglass" corset and the other a "conical" corset.  Here's a little guide about corset shapes.  There's also a photo of me wearing my What Katie Did corset, it's not fully seasoned, but it will eventually provide the most dramatic shape of the three corsets I own.

Corset Story corset
Meschantes Corsetry
What Katie Did Morticia Corset
Last but not least, take a sewing tape measure and measure your natural waist, your corset should be 3-4 inches smaller than your natural waist.  For example, if your natural waist is 26 inches, your corset size should be 22 inches. I find this system to be motivational, as you won't be able to close your corset until you meet your goal, closing a corset is always something to look forward to.

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything related to tightlacing (I will be posting about seasoning your new corset next time.)  I would love feedback so I know if I should incorporate anything additional into my next post.  I want to make these as helpful and informative as possible.

Do you have any other questions about tightlacing?
Already started the process or purchased your first corset, which did you choose?